As ProSol continues its commitment to creating value for its clients, a recent example of great customer service took place with the company's CAOCL client.

LtCol. Roderick (Rod) Arrington, chief/OIC of the MCTAG MARCENT/CENTCOM, and his team recently participated in CAOCL training activities and will soon be deploying to Afghanistan. LtCol. Arrington was impressed by the level of outstanding service provided by ProSol employees Mussa Al-Higazine and Sam Ahmad:

“For the last four weeks, my team has been undergoing the Arabic course taught by Mussa and Sam. My overall thoughts on the course have been outstanding. In 2006, I underwent language training aboard Camp Pendleton and the course consisted of throwing phrases at you, learning some memorization, and basic sentence structure. It was difficult to say the least.

Mussa and Sam's approach was refreshing, intense, but instructional. The combination of writing, speaking, and role playing has made it very beneficial. Four members of my team have started writing most of their lessons in Arabic and almost all can read some Arabic and recognize words and read simple sentences. For hard learners such as myself, I have learned more Arabic and I am confident I can reach my target audience and at least say "Hello," extend common courtesies and understand some words when speaking slowly.

While the four weeks were not designed to make us fluent in Arabic, it will make us semi-functional. We will dedicate 20 to 30 minutes each day after Sam and Mussa's departure and practice with our more skilled speakers teaching and working our skills.

At noon today, we are cooking out and showing our appreciation to Mussa and Sam for a job well done.”