ProSol teamed with LM to initiate and coordinate the introduction and integration of a team of US Army, Marine, Air Force, CIA, FBI, MI-5, MI-6 interrogators at Bagram, Afghanistan during the initial phase of OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM. Since that time, ProSol personnel have conducted interrogations of high-level Al Qaeda and Taliban members and integrated materiel and document exploitation with the interrogation effort. We were instrumental in the development of the detainee reception, screening, retention, relocation, release, and work programs.

Initial efforts resulted in Bagram being designated as the high value target detention facility in Afghanistan. The Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff have both cited the success story of efforts at Bagram. Our analytical efforts have resulted in increased command support to targeting efforts aimed at FISS and groups of personnel considered enemies of the US. The success of these efforts have been noticed and commended by several senior officials at USCENTCOM and three letter organizations in the beltway. In concert with USCENTCOM, J2X personnel developed software that allows the integration of HUMINT field reporting, which allows access to data that supports interrogation and analytical efforts both forward and at sanctuary locations. This system has become the backbone for all HUMINT reporting in USCENTCOM.

ProSol and LM employees are integrated into joint staff positions at the Joint Headquarters of the Multi-National Forces - Iraq (MNF-I), Combined Forces Command - Afghanistan (CFC-A), CCJ2X Forward-Camp Doha, Qatar, and C2X-CJTF Horn of Africa. On a daily basis at USCENTCOM and forward deployed locations. In addition we coordinate and communicate with representatives of DoD, JCS, military services, law enforcement agencies, and other Combatant Commands.