ProSol announced the finalists and co-winners of the Q1 2011 Eagle Award. The award recoginizes outstanding customer service, professionalism, and a focus on the customer's mission. Finalists and winners of the Eagle Award best demonstrate ProSol's commitment to providing excellence in customer service.

The finalists were: Edwin Williams (instructor; CTC 2); Steve Wilson (SL/LNO; CAOCL; NC); Jeff Price (MARSOC East Coast recruiting task manager); John Doerr (task lead curriculum developer; CAOCL); Khaliq Raufi (I MEF mentor); Hamid Lellou (CAOCL Centcom analyst); Jared Surdin (TSOC EPD); and Natasha Woods (FTTTF).

The two winners of the Eagle Award were Jeff Price and Steve Wilson.

Jeff Price

Jeff Price

Jeff and his recruiting team have had unprecedented successes in MARSOC East Coast recruiting this quarter. During this quarter, Jeff was singled out by the CG MARSOC as making an unbelievable impact. Jeff received accolades from the field: “Immediately upon hiring, Jeff began to organize the office, staff and began a systematic recruiting process of creating and tracking leads from initial contact to final submission of applications, ensuring quality control and timely submissions. He trained and mentored the recruiting staff. On their very first mission, they met all deadlines and had the highest quality control measures ever achieved by the recruiting force.

“During the first six weeks of the contracting mission, the emphasis was placed on prospecting and screening to overcome the shortfalls created by the previous mission line. While in this six-week phase and faced with a significantly reduced recruiting staff, the team developed processes and procedures that were used to streamline the efforts. These procedures ensured timely submission of packages and produced the highest quality of submitted packages to date by the recruiting team. Those efforts produced 136 completed packages for three separate A&S classes by contacting 1,158 potential applicants, setting 451 appointments, conducting 393 interviews and processing 327 new working applicants.”

“These unprecedented successes led to the CG of MARSOC making an unannounced visit to the G-9. The CG personally congratulated the recruiting staff on their performance and its effect on the ability of MARSOC to continue to grow and meet all SOCOM requirements.”

Steve Wilson

Steve Wilson

A ProSol site lead for CAOCL in support of II MEF, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, Steve made an immediate impact on our customer and with our employees at II MEF. Steve received comments from the field: “Steve Wilson has been a great co-worker, a friend and a father figure to those who work with him. He goes above and beyond and is great at multi-tasking. He is a true believer in winning the hearts and minds of those around him. One way to appreciate Steve’s work is to do without him for a single day; that’s when everything stops and the team cannot function without him.

“Steve's professional demeanor and leadership are evident on a daily basis. This rings loudly through the nominations of the employees of their boss."

Since joining ProSol and the CAOCL team at Camp Lejeune, Steve has boosted CAOCL’s reputation as a service oriented training provider of the Marine Expeditionary Force & its subordinate commands (45,000+ marines and sailors). Because of Steve’s focus on mission accomplishment and a thorough understanding of when to be adaptable to best meet the needs of the marines, his team’s contacts and success rates have soared.

The cohesive nature of teamwork which the Camp Lejeune-based CAOCL employees feel is a direct result of Steve’s mentoring, yet uncoddling nature. He is a demanding coach and leader. That which he demands of his employees he returns in spades in the form of looking out for their welfare, there development and their own sense of contribution.

Congratulations to Steve, Jeff, and the finalists for going above and beyond for ProSol's customers.