Two ProSol employees were recoginized recently for their accomplishments in professional development and exemplary work performed for the client.

Angela Pitts

Congratulations to Ms. Pitts on receiving her Program Management Professional (PMP) certification. The Program Management Institute's PMP certification is the most important industry-recognized certification for project and program managers. This accomplishment consistently follows ProSol's continued effort in developing a more professional and capable workforce to better support the company's clients.

The PMP certification is globally recognized and demonstrates that a certified PMP professional possesses the experience, education, and competency to successfully lead and direct ProSol's current and future contract endeavors.

J.D. Bullard

Mr. Bullard received a spot award for his performance on a MARSOC contract. His team lead, Captain G. Roy Bechtold, SOTC-1 OIC, MSOS SOTB, recently sent a message to CEO Michael J. Dean:

“I wanted to send you this message on the exemplary performance of J.D. Bullard while serving as a medic in support of the exercise Raider Spirit from 28 July to 5 August. Raider Spirit is an intensive nine-day patrolling exercise where the Individual Training Course students are constantly moving and patrolling through the Verona Loop training area.

"Through the conduct of the exercise, Marines going down for heat exhaustion was a constant occurrence. J.D. was part of no less than three medevacs every night that he was on duty. The medical evaluation and treatment was instrumental in aiding my determination on whether a student could remain in training or needed to seek further care. Specifically on the morning of 5 August, the class was conducting a timed six-mile movement as the final mission of the exercise. One of the students started showing symptoms of heat exhaustion; J.D. checked his core temperature and it was 108 degrees. J.D. immediately informed me that a CASEVAC was required and began actively cooling the Marine. While the Marine was being treated he became violent disoriented. J.D. held the Marine down so that he could be cooled, and at the same time, he spoke with emergency services updating the paramedics as well as myself on the Marine's status so that when they arrived they would better be able to treat the Marine.

"It took 15 minutes from the time that the Marine was determined to be a heat casualty to the time that he was loaded onto the ambulance. Thanks to J.D.'s expert knowledge, his ability to remain calm and properly assess the situation he enabled that Marine to make a full recovery and remain in training. J.D. is sought after time and time again by my section for his expertise and constantly requested to cover our field evolutions. He is an outstanding medic and I am writing him up a formal letter of appreciation from the command.

"I just wanted to make sure that you guys at ProSol are aware of the great job that he does keeping my Marines and the Marines of MSOS safe. Semper Fi.”

Congratulations to Angela and J.D. for a job well done.