In May 2015 ProSol was awarded a three-year contract to support the Commander United States Forces Korea (USFK). The scope of work includes:  Leverage hardware, software, application, network and virtualization technologies in support of a wide range of analytical, data development, pre / post-processor, joint interface, and collaborative analyses and exercise/war-gaming support requirements for the Commander, UNC/CFC/USFK.  The tasks include assisting the Commander in visualizing his campaign; identifying joint warfighting synchronization, timing, and resourcing issues; developing strategies to mitigate risk to war plan execution using existing and emerging technologies and models; creating baselines for existing plans; and developing baselines for current and future plans. Analysis is supported and conducted through the use of established models such as Joint Integrated Contingency Model (JICM) and Synthetic Theater Operations Research Model (STORM), as well as data (spreadsheet/database) analyses and qualitative applications of the operational art upon course of action analysis. Analysts utilize data sources and tools such as Joint Operational Planning and Execution System (JOPES), FalconView, and geographical information systems. This effort supports war-gaming and collaborative planning through the deployment of appropriate software and war-gaming engines.