Department of Homeland Security, Enterprise Identity Management Office (EIMO)

In September 2015 ProSol’s team was awarded a three-year contract to support the DHS EIMO.  As an incumbent, ProSol had supported this effort continuously since 2010.  For the EIMO ProSol employees collect, inventory, package, ship, track, upgrade, replace, recover and dispose of all equipment (this includes shipping disposables) used for the issuance of Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cards. This effort includes receiving shipments of equipment and assembling equipment packages that are sent to PIV Card Issuance Facilities (PCIF) around the world.  We assemble and ship every piece of equipment a (PCIF) requires to connect to the Identity Management System and produce PIV Cards this suite of equipment is otherwise known as an Enrollment Issuance Workstation.  We also track and receive defective equipment from PCIFs and execute Returned Merchandise Agreements with vendors, exercising product warranties, ensuring defective equipment is returned to the vendor and replaced for the PCIFs as quickly as possible.  Because our customer is the responsible officer for all of this equipment, every piece of it eventually comes back to our activity for disposition.  Concurrently, we also manage and track all EIMO individually issued IT equipment for the headquarters activity which amounts to 112 devices.  We employ the Sunflower Lifecycle Asset Management System (software solution) enabling us to monitor, control and account for property transactions accounting for myriad types of classifications of property including sensitive and IT assets from acquisition through usable life and eventually, disposal.