During October we were informed of the protest resolution and confirmation that the Raytheon team was the final winner of the Homeland Security Department’s potential $1.15 billion Domino cybersecurity contract.  The Domino effort will help safeguard the .gov domain by providing design, development, operations and maintenance services in support of DHS's National Protection and Programs Directorate.  ProSol is proud to be part of one of the largest single cybersecurity contracts ever awarded.  Raytheon first won the contract in 2015, was re-affirmed as the winner last year and again a third time in June, which led to the more recent protest. Under Domino, the team will essentially architect a complex firewall setup around federal civilian networks in support of DHS’ EINSTEIN program and help develop DHS's next generation National Cybersecurity Protection System, delivering new and upgraded capabilities, including: Intrusion detection and prevention, Automation, Analytics and Information sharing.  See the link below.

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