ProSol celebrated its 10th anniversary with a series of celebrations that culminated in the announcement of several employee accomplishment awards - employee of the year; innovator of the year; and volunteer of the year.

Each nominee for the employee of the year award exemplified ProSol's underlying credo - to provide outstanding service to our customers. The nominees were:

  • Mason Baggett
  • Josh Creson
  • Israel Figueroa
  • Jeff Price

After careful consideration, the winner of the employee of the year award was Jeff Price, task manager recruiter. Throughout 2011, Jeff was a valuable asset to the ProSol team. His efforts to lead his client's east coast recruiters was demonstrated by his team's performance and screening to overcome shortfalls created by the previous mission line. These and other accomplishments by Jeff and his team led to the client making an unannounced visit to Jeff's worksite, where he was singled out in making an "unbelievable impact" in a short amount of time.

ProSol CEO Michael J. Dean provided additional insight to Jeff's accomplishments. "Because of employees like Jeff, it can’t be understated how impressive he and his whole team have been since the beginning of this contract. This will truly pay dividends in the future for ProSol and our other employees," he said.

In addition to employee of the year, Shaun Torres was selected as the innovator of the year for his exemplary work in the company's information technology (IT) department. Michelle Rademacher was honored as volunteer of the year for her many accomplishments in performing charity work.

View employee of the year nominees video below.