On May 8, 2017, ProSol supported the PSC Major Douglas A. Zembiec Memorial Golf Tournament at Augustine Golf Club, Stafford, VA.  Corporate Community Involvement (CCI), or company efforts to support societal causes, has long been our tradition at ProSol.  This includes being involved in communities, giving back and being a socially responsible.  Along those lines, ProSol is supported PSC as they held the 10th Annual Major Douglas A Zembiec Memorial Golf Tournament at the Augustine Golf Club in Stafford, VA. About Major Zembiec, while volunteering for his fourth combat tour, Major Zembiec was killed by a small arms fire while leading a raid in Baghdad on May 11, 2007. Major Zembiec was later recognized for his honorable service with the CIA. The “Lion of Fallujah” lies resting at Arlington National Cemetery. Major Zembiec’s bravery, leadership, and dedication to our Nation is well documented and highly revered.  This year PSC partnered with Gulf Bay Builders to raise money for the Gramatica Family Foundation.  The Gramatica Brothers, since 2000, have been partnering with builders, developers, corporate and individual sponsors and volunteers to help severely wounded war heroes and their families transition from the battlefront to the home front.  100% of all monies raised by this Golf Tournament were immediately transferred into funds that will support the building of another home for a wounded warrior.