One of ProSol's annual goals is to increase charitable contributions by 50%, thereby helping our company and staff be part of something larger than ourselves.

In pursuit of this goal, on April 10, ProSol supported our PS Charities arm in holding a "Pig Pickin" at Gilligan's Bar in Surf City, North Carolina. The event raised money in memory of Master Sergeant Troy Mitchell. The event was well attended by many friends of both Troy and ProSol. ProSol CEO Michael J. Dean said, "It was great to see old friends, hear and tell old stories about Troy, about the Corps, and be surrounded by like-minded people who understand sacrifice and loyalty."

As a result of PS Charities' efforts, $40,000 will go to Troy’s widow Kelly Mitchell and their seven sons to help preserve their land and home in Tennessee.

A good time was enjoyed by all for a worthy cause. "We are proud to have honored this American hero and his family. This event was a big reminder to me that we are all blessed when we all work together and care for the ones we have grown with and love," said CEO Dean.